SQL Server Consulting

Have you have spent countless hours reading confusing and often times conflicting information on the web, but your SQL Server is still unreliable? You don’t know if it’s a hardware problem, a database problem, or a code problem. Perhaps you have a great IT team, but you don’t have enough database work to justify the salary of a permanent database administrator. Maybe you have a full-time DBA but they are stuck and you need some quick relief.

This is where I can jump in and help you identify the root cause of your problems and write up a clear set of actionable steps to resolve your SQL Server issues. Spending time with a consultant is a cost-effective way to get expert insight and answers, so you can keep your mission critical business applications up and running.

Consulting vs Contracting

I have found many consulting sites are not very clear about this, but consulting and contracting are not the same thing. Consultants empower you to address your own problems by providing expert guidance, insight and answers. Contractors are independent professionals hired to complete specific tasks.

My primary intention is to help small to medium sized businesses by engaging as a consultant. That way I can work with you and show you exactly what is causing your SQL Server problems and how you can resolve the problems yourself.

If you prefer to have me fix the problems, I will include a Statement of Work in the deliverables that will clearly outline the necessary steps for me to implement fixes.

Ready to Get Started?

I offer a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss any SQL Server issues you are currently experiencing and to see if I am a good fit.